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Recent Weight Loss and Health Trials of Low Carb Diet Plans

There is no question that low carb eating plans are beneficial for blood-glucose management. This is clearly supported by research into the Glycemic Index, a rating-system which compares foods according to their effect on blood-sugar. It is equally clear that a low carb diet is beneficial for weight reduction, which is relatively rapid in the early stages of dieting.

Questions About Low Carb Diets

However, a number of weight and health related questions about low carb diets remain unanswered. For example:

Q. Do low carb diets lead to easier long-term weight loss?
If so, is it due to carb-restriction or cutting calories

Q. Do low carb diets improve health indicators for serious conditions, like heart disease?
Such indicators include:
- HDL cholesterol
- LDL cholesterol
- Triglycerides
- Blood pressure.

It is these sorts of questions which recent and ongoing weight loss trials of low carb eating plans are trying to answer.

Five Recent Weight Loss Sudies

1. The Bravata Low Carb Study (2003)
2. The University of Pennsylvania Low Carb Study (2003)
3. University of Connecticut Low Carb Study (2004)
4. The Samaha Low Carb Study (2003)
5. The Fleming Low Carb Trial (2002)

Low Carb Studies - Summary

Low carb diets seem to produce a range of weight loss and health benefits, although some results were negative or inconclusive. Several researchers indicated that more research was needed before any definitive conclusions about the weight and health effects of low carb diets could be reached.

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