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The surge in US obesity and type 2 diabetes, combined with new discoveries linking the cluster of symptoms known as insulin resistance (aka Metabolic Syndrome X, or Insulin Resistance Syndrome) with the over-consumption of high-glycemic index carbohydrates, has fuelled the popularity of low carb diet plans as a means of reducing weight and improving blood glucose control.

For information about the weight loss benefits and health effects of low carb dieting, plus reviews of the main low carb diets, see the following resources.

Articles About low Carb Dieting

Are Low Carb Diets Better for Weight Loss
We take a brief look at the weight control benefits of low carb weight loss plans and examine whether the low carb approach to weight management is better than more orthodox lower-fat diets.

How Do Low Carb Diets Work?
Do carbs cause weight gain? Do low carb diet plans have a built-in advantage over higher carb diets? We look at these issues.

Health Benefits of Low Carb Diets
In view of the link between high-glycemic-index carbs and unhealthy blood-glucose levels, what health benefits do ketogenic low carb diets bring? We take a look.

Are Low Carb Diets Healthy?
A brief summary of the short-term side effects of ketosis and other health issues associated with low carb eating plans.

Long Term Health Effects of Low Carb Diets
Despite the health risks associated with high-glycemic carbohydrate foods, carbs remain a rich source of nutrition and phytochemicals. So what are the long term health effects of restricting carbs in the diet? We examine the low carb health issue.

Weight Loss & Health Studies of Low Carb Diets
We outline recent weight loss and health trials involving low carb eating plans versus the more orthodox low-fat weight loss plans, and list some of the conclusions concerning the impact of low carb diets on cholesterol, blood-glucose control and other health-indicators. Plus the Samaha Low Carb Study (2003) and the Fleming Low Carb Trial

Free Low Carb Diet Advice
What's involved in a typical low carb weight loss plan? We examine the main low carb diet phases and rules. For more about diets and weight loss see Diet Information.

Advice About Low Carb eating: Meals and Recipes
We examine the basic do's and don'ts of low carb meals. Includes low carb recipes.

See also: Low Glycemic Index Food Pyramid and how it differs from the standard Food Guide Pyramid.

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