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GI Value For Cereal

Cereals and The Glycemic Index (GI)

Many popular types of breakfast cereal are not low-GI foods. They tend to be heavily processed and refined carbs with some nutrients added back into the cereal after processing.

A low GI diet generally recommends porridge oats, any bran cereal or traditional granola/muesli. These breakfast cereals stimulate a lower glycemic response than the popular frosted breakfast cereals. See also GI Diet Advice About Cereal

GI Dietary Advice About Carbohydrates

High blood sugar is associated with numerous metabolic disorders, including: obesity, insulin insensitivity, impaired glucose tolerance, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance syndrome and heart disease.

As far as diet is concerned, the best way to maintain optimal control over your blood glucose is to choose cereals with a lower GI value.

GI Values For Types of Breakfast Cereal

All Bran GI
Alpen Muesli GI
Bran Buds GI
Bran Flakes GI
Cheerios GI
Coco Pops GI
Corn Chex GI
Corn Pops GI
Cornflakes GI
Cream Of Wheat GI
Cream Wheat Instant GI
Crunchy Nut Cornflakes GI
Froot Loops GI
Frosties GI
Golden Grahams GI
Grapenuts GI
Just Right GI
Muesli GI
Pop Tarts GI
Porridge GI
Porridge Oats GI
Puffed Wheat GI
Raisin Bran GI
Rice Bubbles GI
Rice Krispies GI
Shredded Wheat GI
Special K GI
Sustain GI
Weetabix GI

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