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GI diets seek to control blood sugar by recommending foods with a lower GI value. This new approach to dieting is backed by clinical research from around the world.

Recommended GI Diet Forum

For any dieter with pre-diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, insulin insensitivity, type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance syndrome, or anyone who is overweight, and who is looking for a GI diet form that offers advice about weight loss and blood sugar management, the bad news is that GI diet forums or discussion boards are in short supply. Excepting diabetes forums, the best GI diet and weight loss forum we have found is run by Anne Collins as part of her popular weight management program.

Anne Collins Weight Loss Forum

This forum, which covers her GI diet as well as her cholesterol lowering diet, balanced diet and other weight loss plans, has several thousand members, over 70,000 posts and a massive amount of practical advice on all aspects of weight reduction. If you are looking for extra help to lose weight on a GI diet, or prepare GI diet recipes, this forum will definitely help. You can seek expert GI diet advice from Collins herself, discuss GI recipes with other members, maintain a personal GI diet journal or simply browse the forum for tips and advice. Blood work results for many Collins dieters are exceptionally good, and you may find some useful tips from browsing this forum. We admire Collins personal involvement and highly recommend this forum as a glycemic index resource.

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