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GI diets - weight loss plans based on the glycemic index, for better blood glucose control - have largely replaced Atkins diet and South Beach diet as healthy carbohydrate weight loss plans. Meantime, demand for carb-restricted diets has slumped and - despite the low-carb craze - there seems to be no significant reduction in obesity or weight-related health problems. Perhaps low carb eating plans were, as some dietitians suggested, no more than fad diets. In any event, continuing dietary research suggests that GI-based diets seem to reduce blood glucose and insulin levels with a consequent reduction in a variety of metabolic disorders.

Best GI Books

We recommend two books on the GI diet method. Both provide a wealth of GI diet information, together with GI diet recipes, menus and lists of healthy GI foods. They are:

  • The New Glucose Revolution (1996) by Brand-Miller, Wolever, Foster-Powell and Colagiuri (Marlowe & Company, New York)
  • The GI Diet (2002) by Rick Gallop (Random House, Canada)

The New Glucose Revolution (Brand-Miller, Wolever, Foster-Powell and Colagiuri)

Written by a combination of experts in human nutrition, dietary health and practising dietitians, The New Glucose Revolution pioneered the GI diet approach and was the first book to explain how carbohydrates affect blood glucose levels and how diet can make a difference. As one Harvard Medical School expert reviewer writes:

"Mounting evidence indicates that refined carbohydrates and high glycemic index foods are contributing to the escalating epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes worldwide. This dietary pattern also appears to increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. The skyrocketing proportion of calories from added sugars and refined carbohydrates in westernized diets portends a future acceleration of these trends. The Glucose Revolution challenges traditional doctrines about optimal nutrition and the role of carbohydrates in health and disease... I strongly recommend the book to both health professionals and the general public."

The GI Diet (Gallop)

Rick Gallop's book on the GI diet method offers a range of sensible dietary advice, simple GI food recipes and a clear RED/AMBER/GREEN list of GI foods. Gallop has also written a pocket-sized companion book with details of how to shop and eat out when following a GI diet program. Both books are packed with helpful GI diet information.

Online GI Diet Ebook

The best online GI Diet ebook is available as part of Anne Collins online weight loss program.

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