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Dietary Fiber and Low Carb Diets

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Although the Atkins Diet now accepts the importance of the type of complex carbohydrate we call dietary fiber, some low carb diets still insist that dieters restrict all carbs, including fiber. Indeed, even the Atkins diet plan recommends that low carb dieters get their fiber mainly from supplements. (Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution (2003): p.75 and p.136)

Fiber Ideas for Low Carb Dieters

The long list of dietary fiber sources means that it's still possible to get a certain amount of fiber from permitted low-carb foods, especially vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Insoluble fiber may usually be obtained in sufficient quantities from wheat bran, although excessive wheat bran consumption may lead to some mineral deficiencies.

Soluble fiber is a bit more difficult to obtain in sufficient quantity from permitted low-carb foods, although you can obtain reasonable amounts from flax seed, seaweed, and avocados.

In practice, many dieters following a low carb weight loss plan are likely to need to use fiber supplements. Fortunately, many fiber supplements are no more than processed agricultural products and have been shown to be safe and quite effective. These include vegetable gums, pectins, seeds and brans.

Low Carb Diets Don't Need to Depend on Fiber Supplements

The weight loss and nutritional benefits of low carb diets don't really depend on excluding fiber. After all, fiber can't be digested and thus cannot contribute to the glucose/insulin problem. Furthermore, foods rich in soluble fiber (the more difficult fiber to obtain from permitted low carb foods) are probably worth the trouble. After all, healthy eating habits - whether low carb or high carb - rarely come from a bottle of processed supplements. In a nutshell, the issue of fiber-availability should not be allowed to obscure the merits (or otherwise) of low carb dieting.

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