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The term "diabesity" is a new description for diabetes caused by excessive weight; the condition of having both diabetes and excessive weight.

Connection Between Overweight and Diabetes

The word aptly illustrates the close association between weight and diabetes, (97% of all cases of Type 2 diabetes are caused by excessive weight) and is a concrete example of the wider cluster of symptoms of a metabolic disorder known as Insulin Resistance Syndrome (also called Metabolic Syndrome X).

Diabesity® - Invented by Shape Up America

Shape Up America! was founded in 1994 by former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop to raise awareness of the health effects of obesity and to provide responsible information on weight management to the public and to health care professionals.

Strategies to Reduce Diabesity®

Reducing the rate of diabesity is a multi-task operation, involving dietary, exercise and lifestyle counseling. Other obesity treatments include weight-loss drugs and bariatric weight loss surgery.

Physical Inactivity

Among the different obesity-treatments, physical activity is frequently under-valued. Some obesity experts believe that physical inactivity is a key factor that ought to be given more attention for its impact on preventing both obesity and diabetes. They say that inactivity (by itself) leads to increased insulin resistance, and that even one bout of exercise improves insulin sensitivity in those with insulin resistance.

Diabesity® Treatment Outlook

It is likely that future measures to reduce the incidence of diabesity will focus on how the family and environmental factors influence energy intake and physical activity, bearing in mind the genetic influences that may predispose certain individuals to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Sources include: Shape Up America

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